Friday, October 10, 2008

Ujian, Keluhan n cookies??

Salam.. Yes, I’m still here.. I’m sorry for the long absence… It’s more than a month since my last post.. So, this will be quite long.. It will be a summary of eventSSS that, alhamdulillah, I’ve gone through this past month…

Chapter 1: The beginning

- 1st of September, I took a flight back to Moscow.. entering a new phase of my life.. entering 2nd year… starting a ‘new’ me insyaallah… realizing that there is a lot of responsibility that I have put upon myself… n hoping that everything goes smoothly as I’ve plan n picture it to be… but bearing in mind the word of a philisopher Jagger “u don’t always get what u want”… but then usaha mesti ada ryte?

- 1st of Ramadhan… all of us bersahur atas flight.. n then transit at dubai for few hours…berkesempatan utk solat di surau yg ada kat airport… byk org from negara2 lain dgn cara solat yg berlainan… not in the sense that diorang sembahyang terbalik or anything… mungkin dari segi tidak menutup kaki ketika sembahyang… n etc..

- Arrived in Moscow in the evening(5 pm)Our first task: to find a place to sleep for the night… after being rejected by Pushkin we seek for the embassy for help.. n they provide us two rooms, one for girls n one for boys.. so problem settled.. the only other thing was that we were asked by the embassy to find a food for berbuka before coming to the embassy because the gate is going to be locked by 7 (new rule.. so we were told)n the clock is ticking(time : almost 6 pm)next task: find a van… this is an easy one.. just a few negotiation n we were already on our way to the embassy… but… as we entered the highway, there was a long queue… we doubted we will make it in time.. apatah lagi nk bli mknn utk berbuka.. hurm… (time: 7.30pm) at last sampai jugak kat embassy… after loading our bags in the room, we started thinking about what to eat.. sedey~ first puasa berbuka cam tak btul… takpe… ini semua dugaan.. btul3x… so, everyone started taking out their kuih raya.. yup, we ate kuih raya on the first day of puasa.. huhu…

Chapter 2: The challenges ahead

- on the next day, we went to Moslanka (agent) to get our hostel.. n they said “ sorry, I have no place for u, please come back at 2”… dalam hati, “ya allah, mane lah diorang nk campak kitorang ni..” n so we waited… at 2, we came back “oh I forgot about you, wait I’ll make some calls”.. huhu.. Russians are like that… they can be very mean at times.. sabar je la.. one call after another.. n finally there’s a place for us.. which I don’t know where.. he drew us a map n said that we have to get there quickly n see if there’s available rooms for us.. (time: 4.++pm).. I was a bit afraid because firstly, rumors had been circulating that the place is going to be very expensive, n as the rumors goes it’s going to cost us 3000usd…. N secondly, the embassy only give us one night to stay at the embassy n we have to clear our luggage before 5pm.. n by looking at the time there is no way we are going to make it in time.. Registering at the hostel took such a long time, more than we had expected but thankfully the administration is very systematic.. very odd for Russians to have a systematic n efficient way of working… people of the embassy were angry towards us for not making it in on time but we had explained about our situation… n there’s nothing we can do to make the Russians work faster.. our passports are with the administration so we can’t move anywhere at that time.. once settled it was almost 7.30pm.. so, some of us rush to the embassy to unload our bags, n some of us went to book a van… n then out of so many days, on that day, it was so hard to get a van.. at the place where u will surely get one.. and when there is finally a van, it turns out that the driver doesn’t know the way to the embassy.. there were 6 of us I think, n it’s very weird if all of us can’t manage to find just ONE van.. one hour had past.. n since it is waaayyy past berbuka time, I went to mcd n bought fillet together for those who were waiting for us at the embassy.. to cut the story short, we manage to get a van n it was already 9 pm when we finish loading all the bags in the van.. the embassy worker locked the gate n went inside.. 5 of us had to take a bus back to the hostel since the van is fully loaded.. n we haven’t berbuka actually.. so we sat on the roadside by the embassy and ate fillet… n it was cold outside… huhu…. Dugaan, dugaan….

Chapter 3: More challenges

- Ramadhan kali ini memang mengajar erti kesabaran (this sentence seems familiar… hurm).. seriously, x putus2 kene duga… beratur utk visa berhari-hari n kene berhimpit macam sardin (ada hundreds of students n the office is only open from 2 to 5pm)… hostel yg mahal 2 kali ganda drpd org lain(2650usd)… n bilik yg sgt kecil.. we r the only Malaysians that live here… others dapat hostel together with other Malaysians( ni cam mengada jek)… n I hv to live with russian married couple.. so everytime nk g toilet, hv to be careful if the husband is around… N byk lagi masalah lain yg involve ppl n shouldn’t be mention here…

Chapter 4: Ramadhan

- Maybe ppl who read this would think that the problems that I face is very small, in fact it is actually small, but at the time it was unbearable.. adding with the impossible Russian attitude and behaviour.. I had few moments of break down actually… yup, honestly…

- After few days membiarkan Ramadhan berlalu, tiba2 rasa malu n hina n mcm2 lagi la… mixed emotion.. rasa x tenang sgt.. tiap2 mlm blk lmbt nk settlekan hostel ni.. patutnya bnykkan ibadah dlm bulan mulia ni.. penat sangat.. brape lame lagi nak macam ni.. so, I grab the holy Quran to seek for peace n serenity.. “Verily, in the remembrance of Allah, do heart find peace”… n then I borrowed a book from my dearie friend farahin.. the book is entitled Penenang Jiwa by Imam Al-Ghazali terjemahan kitab Mukashafah Al Qulub.. n everything seems so small.. n all my problems become much more easier to handle.. hurm… I learn to organize n list out all the things that I had to do n set it on priority.. if for the first few days of ramadhan buat tarawikh sorang2.. now we do it together.. there r only few of us who live in this hostel so it is up to us how we want to “light up” the spirit of Ramadhan.. bila start berjemaah ramai-ramai baru lah rasa happy because it reminds me that these people will always be with me n these people are facing the same thing I’m facing right now.. n sesi tazkirah every night yang singkat menghidupkan balik hati yang kering ni… thanx to all of you… you know who u r… thanx to all yg berjaya menghidupkan majlis iftar yugo, malam takbir yugo, raya2 yugo… even though kita sikit but alhamdulillah everything went well..

So, Nadhirah have to always remember about:-

Ujian: Telah berkata Adl Dhalak ra “ Barangsiapa tidak diuji antara tiap-tiap empat puluh hari dengan suatu bala, kedukaan atau musibah, maka tiada kebaikan bagiNya di sisi Allah”

Mengeluh : 70:19-27.. Sesungguhnya manusia diciptakan bersifat keluh kesah lagi kikir. Apabila ia ditimpa kesusahan ia berkeluh kesah, dan apabila ia mendapat kebaikan ia amat kikir, kecuali orang-orang yang mengerjakan salat, yang mereka itu tetap mengerjakan salatnya, dan orang-orang yang dalam hartanya tersedia bagian tertentu, bagi orang (miskin) yang meminta dan orang yang tidak mempunyai apa-apa (yang tidak mau meminta), dan orang-orang yang mempercayai hari pembalasan, dan orang-orang yang takut terhadap azab Tuhannya.

Chapter 5: Raya+physio+biochem+anat

- Selamat hari raya.. To those that I haven’t wish.. selamat hari raya kay..

- The embassy didn’t manage to sent a letter to the dean’s office so like it or not, we have to go to class on the day of raya… n we even have colloquium on that day.. n the day after that.. n the day after that.. 3 big exams in a row.. huhu…

- in the morning, we went to the embassy for solat sunat hari raya.. n then we went for the exam n in the evening we came back to the embassy for jamuan hari raya.. took some pics n went back to our room because there’s another exam the next day..

- despite the exams, I still feel very happy.. after such a long time being isolated living in our hostel, I finally get to meet other Malaysians n being with Malaysians made me forget about the Russians..huhu..

- oh ya, me n my roommates made cookies!! Although byk cerite di sebalik cookies tu, haha, kitorang berjaya jugak… like hanis said there are no such thing as failure, they are only small steps towards success.. …btul3x(kata ipin)

- have u out there ever heard of upin and ipin?… seriously I haven’t before this … u should try to watch it… they are so cute!!

- so, slamat ari raya..(ipin ckp: kalau x puasa, x boley raya…)

raya scenes

after exam physio wif our lecture lydia (sitting)

wif some of the 6th yr students

n the girls...

my roomies...
from left : nadia, farahin, me, hanis

my groupmates...
back (from left) : nadia, me, hanis

front (from left) : fikrie, ammar, alif

"Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul, which sometimes help me and sometimes opposes me"