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Generous Peace - Kareem Salama ( with lyrics )

I see you making those faces
Trying as best to break my nerve
But I’m calm to the face anger and I don’t reply to the ugly words
If They ask me why I’m silent, they say in this world you got to take respect
I say "Gentleman, I'm like incense. The more you burn me, the more I'm fragrant"

Chorus: We can fight but we don’t need to fight tonight yeah we put out the fire
If I’m gonna fight, then I fight for what’s right, let’s go on a little higher
Cuz I was grown u see and I was raised to be, I lace the lines of these times
With generous peace

There's a thin line between virtue and fear, though they look alike
Both demanding restraint and it's enough that I know where it stands in line
I'm not scared of you; I'm scared of me, and I live by controlling my fool
'Cause you're a fool enough for the both of us, but I still try to find the good in you


I know it's hard to listen to the words you just can't stand
It's gonna take more than a fist to en…