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Down with fever

Since he was a baby, 'Ayyan would only get sick maybe once or twice a year. The first being when he was around 6-7 months old if I am not mistaken. And not once warded for being sick so far, alhamdulillah.

Last Sunday, he started vomiting from 5 am. He vomited 8-9 times the whole day, it was heartbreaking to watch. He refuses to eat in between and drinking minimally. Only at night he started eating some apples and bread. And it doesn't help much him being a picky eater. Then fever started to kick in at night.
The next day he woke up with high fever, cough and runny nose. He refuses to eat his meals and medicine most of the time. Giving him medications sounds like we were torturing him. His abi will hold him tightly, and i need to pinch his nose to make him open his mouth and gulp down his meds. 
Of course, throughout his 6 days of fever, he became extra clingy. Thank god we were at mama's house, so he was more clingy to Uyah than me. He hates me because I made him drink all t…