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It's finally here

Salam wbt.
So today is 9th June 2013.
It means that tomorrow I am going to sit for my final exam as an undergraduate medical student.
Nervous, no?
I know I am suppose to be studying right now, but let's just take a 5 minutes break, ya?
The long 6 year journey is finally coming to an end, and yet I feel like I know nothing! Okay, maybe that is a bit exaggerating. But I guess that is kind of normal in times like this, if you know what I mean.

Jazakillah khayr for my two lovely housemates for making us lunch, er and plus dinner. It's Penang Laksa ya'll!!
Ok the 5 minutes is coming to an end.
p.s : you know what, I finally feel like I understand (if not fully, a bit) the feeling when Rasulullah said  : Bilal, rehatkan kami dengan solat.
May Allah ease!
till next time!~