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True Love

Salam… Hee.. suddenly the mood to write came… our topic ----> love… yup… like it or not.. It's our topic for today..

So y love? Firstly, we just talked about field of love in psychology class recently… n secondly, today i went to my friend's room to use their microwave oven.. It so happen they were having usrah… so join je dengar skali… and they had a game n it was about love… that's y i'm gonna talk about it 2day, okey?

Let's warm up first… what is love? I can't put it in words because to me it's very subjective… i love my parents.. N i love my friends… n i love my black tshirt… n i show my love towards all these in different ways… hurm… what about love towards god?? Selalu tak sebelum ni orang cakap buat something-something because of Allah… mkn kerana Allah.. Buat homework kerana Allah… hurm, actually i always ask myself macam mana nak buat kerana Allah… is it sufficient enough if dalam hati niat " okay, aku kemas bilik ni kerana Allah"…ta…