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Ujian itu Rahsia Allah

"Kadangkala Allah hilangkan sekejap matahari.
Kemudia Dia datangkan pula guruh dan kilat.
Puas kita menangis, mencari di mana matahari?
Rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita PELANGI"


adik-adik n kakak-kakak

special entry for my dear sisters..

thank u for all the fun that we had today~

the fun games
the supportive attitude
the abundance of food that we can't even finish

meeting my dear kuzmin sisters made me feel like last year again
the feeling of being cared by an older sister
i'm sorry for the first year student dis yr for there is only few of 2nd yr students in pushkin
that is y when jumpe je my kuzmin sister i feel like a kid eventho bapak la besarnye..

i used to have this kind of attitude where i dun really care bout juniors
pandai2 la korg..
aku dlu survive je
malas nye la nak layan dorg ni..
n plus when i'm in my old skool in subang jaya
there r like half a K of student in a batch..
batch sendri pun x kenal
nak amik kesah pasal junior plak

but during today's gathering baru sedar yg actually i like being surrounded by sisters kadang2
bcoz everyday jumpe kawan yang sama
not to say that i dun hv fun with my friends
i really do

layan budak2 kecik ni pnye question
maybe some of us…

Dear Mama

Dear mama, epi mother's day~

i'm sorry i'm far away but jez know that i'm always thinking of you and that you are always in my prayer.

mama, please pray for me for the prayers of mother will always be heard.

mama, i love u so much..

mama, i got u a present>> a mug cake~(for recipe click here)

but bcoz u r so far away, i had to eat it all by myself~ sedey : (

huhu.. nah present~