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exam fever - HISTOLOGY!!

after dah berehat2, bercuti2, belajar2, sok dah pun 16 HARIBULAN!! cukup dah ke usaha?? huhu... x tau la... berserah je skang ni kat Tuhan... gud luck my frens... ingat result tu memang dah ada kay.. kpd yg still x tau, sok exam at 9.30 in the morning...don't forget your zachot book n lab coat.. chaiyok2!!

head over heels on CHEESE CAKE

As many would have known by now, i LOVE cheese cake..
n as many would have known , i love making it..
n as many had ask for the recipe,
n bcoz i always forget to give it to those who ask..
so, i'm just going to post the recipe here okay..

the recipe below is called NO BAKED's so easy that u don't need an oven to do it.. but u do need to have a fridge... i'm sure everyone does, ryte?


400g creaam cheese
1 cup of water
2 tablespoon of gelatin
1/2 cup of sugar
canned pineaples

3/4 of butter
30 pieces of marie biscuits

for the cream cheese, usually in malaysia, we would use philadelphia cream cheese, but in russia, i always use the brand Violette, bcoz it's easier to find.. u can find it in any Ashan.. find vegetable gelatin.. can find it in rinak(pasar)... and if any of u don't know what marie biscuit is, u can find it in any major supermarket, or even in kedai2 konfeti in rinak..

here's how u do it

1. hancurkan biskut marie
2. ga…

2nd post of the day.. this time it's bout NOKIA

"Connecting people"

Sounds familiar?? U can read it in any NOKIA ad i suppose.. Ring a bell? hehe..
Neways, i went to kuzmin today, spent almost the whole day there, with my 3rd year seniors n 1st year juniors… n I'm the only second year rep.. Heh~ I'm the lucky n special one i guess… haha…

So what does going to kuzmin has anything to do with NOKIA ad? Have a guess please..

Any idea??

Of course we weren't invited to become their models for any of their new products… so u can put that aside..

We didn't get any new phone also… so minus that..

None of us bought new phone…

Hurm~ enuf with teka meneka

Okay, so i went there for an event and they named it "Connecting People"..
The purpose>> I'm sure you can tell by now.. To connect people… mostly between 1st n 3rd yr students, coz they lived so far away from each other n there is no way to meet each other apart from maybe if they go to the embassy during hari raya n stuff.. So why i kacau-kacau want to …

lying awake at night

2nd jan
1.06 pm

It’s the new year…
Hurm, did i lived thru last year doing all the things i'm suppose to do..
Was everything i did worth the time..
I still wonder..
Was i any different..
Well, yeah if u wanna count my age..
I am different
Mostly the part where i think i am seeing the world in whole different perspective..
Seems like what i've said n sworn to all my life before this really got me huh..
Life is so amazing
God is amazing

So, here i am stuck writing this… whatever u call it…
I dun care if it sounds lame or what..i am lame.. All i care about is keredhaaN Allah
So, first thing first is to organize my daily routine... prioritize some stuff.. Getting myself together..
If i can do all this, i noe i can pull it togetha..

Apart from that, azam tahun baru!! As cliché as it may sound, i reaLLY want to have some.. So that i noe where i'm heading to, at least… not for perfection, but for the better ..

1. Just go to all the classes n lectures, no matter what ppl say, n how boring i…