Thursday, January 15, 2009

exam fever - HISTOLOGY!!

after dah berehat2, bercuti2, belajar2, sok dah pun 16 HARIBULAN!! cukup dah ke usaha?? huhu... x tau la... berserah je skang ni kat Tuhan... gud luck my frens... ingat result tu memang dah ada kay.. kpd yg still x tau, sok exam at 9.30 in the morning...don't forget your zachot book n lab coat.. chaiyok2!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

head over heels on CHEESE CAKE

As many would have known by now, i LOVE cheese cake..
n as many would have known , i love making it..
n as many had ask for the recipe,
n bcoz i always forget to give it to those who ask..
so, i'm just going to post the recipe here okay..

the recipe below is called NO BAKED's so easy that u don't need an oven to do it.. but u do need to have a fridge... i'm sure everyone does, ryte?


400g creaam cheese
1 cup of water
2 tablespoon of gelatin
1/2 cup of sugar
canned pineaples

3/4 of butter
30 pieces of marie biscuits

for the cream cheese, usually in malaysia, we would use philadelphia cream cheese, but in russia, i always use the brand Violette, bcoz it's easier to find.. u can find it in any Ashan.. find vegetable gelatin.. can find it in rinak(pasar)... and if any of u don't know what marie biscuit is, u can find it in any major supermarket, or even in kedai2 konfeti in rinak..

here's how u do it

1. hancurkan biskut marie
2. gaul wif butter..
3. tekan at the bottom of the tupperware, or bekas or ape2 yg korg gne.. make sure mampat.. if not hancur
4. put it in the fridge for at least half an hour
5. Now, cairkan cream cheese using double boiler method.. meaning boil water on the stove.. n amik another periuk yg lebih kecil n letak atas air yg mendidih... cairkan cream cheese dlm periuk yg kecil tu..
6. in another periuk, didihkan 1 cup of water, half cup of sugar n 2 tablespoon of gelatin..n what i always do is add sket air nanas..
7. bila dah didih.. campurkan cream cheese with it.. n add as many chopped pineapple that u like..
8. when everything is mixed, pour it on top of the base.. put inside the fridge.. take it out after maybe 5 hours... but i always leave it overnight..

i always put in pineapple coz it will make the cake less muak.. coz it is cheesy kan.. some ppl use other flavour.. ada org yg penah amik this recipe from me, they modify by using yam ice cream.. oh ya, u can put in whipped cream jugak...

btw, gambar di atas hanya hiasan... heh~ later i upload the real pics of the cheese cake i made kay..

next time i'll try some recipe on baked cheese cake plak okay..

Friday, January 2, 2009

2nd post of the day.. this time it's bout NOKIA

"Connecting people"

Sounds familiar?? U can read it in any NOKIA ad i suppose.. Ring a bell? hehe..
Neways, i went to kuzmin today, spent almost the whole day there, with my 3rd year seniors n 1st year juniors… n I'm the only second year rep.. Heh~ I'm the lucky n special one i guess… haha…

So what does going to kuzmin has anything to do with NOKIA ad? Have a guess please..

Any idea??

Of course we weren't invited to become their models for any of their new products… so u can put that aside..

We didn't get any new phone also… so minus that..

None of us bought new phone…

Hurm~ enuf with teka meneka

Okay, so i went there for an event and they named it "Connecting People"..
The purpose>> I'm sure you can tell by now.. To connect people… mostly between 1st n 3rd yr students, coz they lived so far away from each other n there is no way to meet each other apart from maybe if they go to the embassy during hari raya n stuff.. So why i kacau-kacau want to be there also?? Bcoz i'm the only one dlm usrah k.fida yg 2nd yr… n if nk jemput 2nd yr len, it will be too packed… takpela, 3rd yr dah knal 2nd yr kan… so what took the whole day?? Some games n activities..

1st check point -- SUSHI BAR!!
I made sushi for the first time in my life!! N it looked ACCEPTABLE.. Haha… n then we ate it all.. Huhu~ all 6 rolls… just imagine how much nasi pulut were involved…

2nd check point -- DRAWING CLASS!!
We were made to draw anything that we think represents n best describes who we r…

3rd check point -- DO YOU KNOW??
Gotta be one of the most challenging, coz it requires thinking, n thinking is tiring.. But it really made me realize how little my general knowledge is.. But our group were, as said by the check point master, by far the only group that manage to get it far n answer most of the questions… 8 out of 10.. Ok, i'll list some of the questions:
1. Turkey's money currency
2. Hungary's capital city
3. Al birouni is known for..
4. Identify hadis
5. Identify ayat al-quran
6. Palestine's prime minister
7. Can't remember
8. Can't remember

4th check point -- THE BLIND N THE MUTE!!
One of us were ask to mute n one was blindfolded, the other two normal.. I volunteered to be the mute one.. Then, i was asked to look at a picture of a certain things being put together.. It was some sort of a structure.. Then i had to describe it to the two normal persons, in any way possible, to make them understand what the structure r made of and what they were suppose to look like in the end.. After they understand what i was suppose to tell them, they went to the other room where the blindfolded girl is sitting in n they had to instruct her to take all the materials needed n construct the structure.. It was funny.. I mean, it was obvious that the blindfolded person CANNOT SEE, so y did the normal ppl said things like, "AMBIK BARANG WARNA MERAH TU", "YG KAT TEPI HEATER TU", "SINI SIKIT,SINI SIKIT" … memang funny

5th check point -- EXERCISE TIME!!
We had to measure our heart rate before n after exercise.. The fun part was the video that they use.. It was an Hindustan mix with aerobic sort of thing… i think u can imagine how it is like…

Next.. Well there's only 5 check point btw..

So, every event has a purpose n every purpose has an event, okay that's crap..
so what did i really get today?? Apart from some sushi n chocolates, i did get something else which is the main thing i want to share actually.. We gather back and made conclusions which i think are very important for us to realize..

Sushi bar-- apart from learning how to make sushi n EAT IT, k.azmin made a point about eating that i want to point down here… k.azmin tnye, apa itu makan.. Ada yg jawab, to get nutrients which will be further metabolized in our body for energy production ( doctor-ish), some say, masuk mulut, kunyah n telan…n some other answers... so semua orang look at makan differently with different purpose.. Bagi org yg pertama tuh, selagi perbuatan makan itu tidak provide kan diri dia wif enuf nutrients for energy production, maknanya dia blum mencapai tujuan makan… bagi org yg kedua pun sama lah, bila mana dia masuk mende dlm mulut, kunyah n telan meaning dia dah capai tujuan, dia DAH MAKAN.. So kalo dia juluk mulut dia n muntahkan balik cam bulimic wat tuh, kite tak ley kata dia x makan, sbb bagi dia, dia dah makan.. So, yg penting kat sini is for us to realize THE PURPOSE OF IT ALL… purpose semua amalan kita…

Drawing class -- i personally like what k.sal ckp tadi.. For her it's a hard thing to do, to draw something that represents her, not the drawing part, but the part where you have to think bout the stuff that represents you.. Y is it hard.. Bcoz manusia tu x tetap, sentiasa berubah2.. So what we r today might not b what we r in the future… tapi tetibe tringat picture yg k.saadah draw, pokok krismas, coz like she said, tak kira musim apa, pokok tu kekal ngan warna hijau, so she hopes that she will be a person yg sentiasa istiqamah dlm semua yg die wat..

Tak nak tnye ke what did i draw?? Haha..

Do you know?? - - mainly the point here is to not only become a doctor but a doctor who knows- well, other non-doctorly stuff.. N that doesn't count the knowledge how to play games kay people… n also who's hot on the rack, n what's the latest movie kay people… this is serious stuff ppl.. Heh~

Blind n mute -- mata dan telinga itu NIKMAT!! Brape banyak gler ayat Quran yg ckp ttg gunakanlah penglihatan n menyampaikan…. Bnyk kan?? So nuff said, nikmat tuhanmu yg manakah yg kamu dustakan?? Susah kalo xley ckp n xley nmpk… serious susah…

Exercise time - mcm k. athiyah ckp, we doctors r the one who provides health care to people, so it's our responsibility to be as healthy as we can ryte?..

All in all, it's a fun day.. Haven't had this kind of gathering ramai2 wif the 3rd yr since the last year i guess.. Ok, considering tahun ni baru je ada brape hari.. Keh keh… thanks sume ajk n hope we'll hv more of it in the future.. Ukhuwwah itu sgtlah manis.. Cam manis kek yg hanis tgh wat skang.. Yummy~

lying awake at night

2nd jan
1.06 pm

It’s the new year…
Hurm, did i lived thru last year doing all the things i'm suppose to do..
Was everything i did worth the time..
I still wonder..
Was i any different..
Well, yeah if u wanna count my age..
I am different
Mostly the part where i think i am seeing the world in whole different perspective..
Seems like what i've said n sworn to all my life before this really got me huh..
Life is so amazing
God is amazing

So, here i am stuck writing this… whatever u call it…
I dun care if it sounds lame or what..i am lame.. All i care about is keredhaaN Allah
So, first thing first is to organize my daily routine... prioritize some stuff.. Getting myself together..
If i can do all this, i noe i can pull it togetha..

Apart from that, azam tahun baru!! As cliché as it may sound, i reaLLY want to have some.. So that i noe where i'm heading to, at least… not for perfection, but for the better ..

1. Just go to all the classes n lectures, no matter what ppl say, n how boring it is, coz rite now, that's your responsibility, kalo lecture tu informative pun, tapi tuhan tak redha, x masuk jugak pape dlm otak btul x? Remember this line always " aku nak (fill in the blank) lecture or class kerana nak mencari keredhaan Allah" so, if it doesn't suit, don't do it… simple..
2. Understand other ppl better, u noe ppl r allowed to be different, duh, so spend some time learning them n sacrifice some ego n some laziness… u noe there's nothing to lose.. Some ppl are born to be overly sensitive, lack sensitivity, attention seeking n incapability to entertain themselves.. N some other stuff.. So lived with it if u can't tell them to tolerate… the world is full of colours.. Suck the fact..
3. try to be committed in just ALL the things u r doing.. U noe you r the type of person who can easily put things off in the middle.. DON'T DO THAT.. Maybe, i should keep my choc intake low, coz i remember gulyaev once said, choc makes a person's will power to lessen.. Huhu..
4. Explore moscow, Moscow is such a big place.. (huhu, but i hate the cold weather)
5. Don't get in trouble wif the NEIGHBOUR.. It's their country, need i say more
6. Kurangkan gula dlm makanan, tambahkan manis dlm senyuman… always true
7. Jimatkan air.. Huhu..
8. Try out more recipes, so that u can show off to your sister!! i'm mean.. So that my parents will be proud to hv a daughter like me… haha
9. Try to be less "cheerful", in public of course, i'm sorry but i wish to stay the same when there's only gurls n family around.. Hate to say it but i love myself to throw it out away, all the better n the worst side of me.. Including the lying part.. Hey, i'm sorry for all the bad times.. Sincerely from my heart..
10. Listen to ppl, be more sensitive to ppl around u, coz u r not always right!! U r really bad at listening.. That ego is not going to make you the king of the world.. Or queen i suppose, in my case….
11. Limit yourself to computer games, allowed dosage : 30 minutes on weekdays n 1 hour on weekend
12. Get yourself a driving license, don't procrastinate
13. N more to come.. U can add also.. Help me in becoming a better person..
14. N some other stuff i'm never going to write publicly.. haha