Tuesday, March 31, 2009

“We can get back from just anything”

“We can get back from just anything”

A small simple line of script I took from Grey’s anatomy. Get back to what? In the story, Derek has to get back to his normal life, his work and friends. And putting back his mistakes, accepting that it was a mistake, but not letting it to be something that prevent his life to move on. Life has got to move on.

“Get back”
Getting back to the right path.
What is the right path?
The right path
The path so little had chosen
And yet we wish for it every single day
al-fatihah : tunjukkanlah kami jalan yang lurus
We ask for it everyday
But do we really mean it?
What part of our daily action shows that we really meant what we ask?

And for anyone who is making his or her way back to the right path,
grab this message: “ we can get back from just anything”.
Yup, anything
Just about anything!!

God is fair and he tests you on what he knows you can handle.
You are sick but you hate the medicine.
Who doesn’t?
But if you let yourself through the few little seconds for the
brown-icky-yucky-slimy cough syrup to go down the throat,
You are on your way to become healthy again.
You might hate cough syrup, and maybe other people don’t. Some people hate vegetable, and some don’t. But we
CAN get through it. Ok, so the whole wide world knows you hate cough syrup. And they tease and mock you for it. But when you drank the spoonful up, are they going to laugh at you? urm, yes they will because it shows how silly u r for hating it in the first place. But it will last for a short while, and they will get bored to tease you and they move on with their life. And maybe, those who are sick and reject the cough syrup in the first place, will be encourage to drink it up too. And you can tell them how it feels. They might hesitate at first. But are you going to let them stay sick? Of course you want them to be as healthy as you are, don’t you think?

Life is like a long line. And hating cough syrup is just one tiny spot in that very long line. You’ll get through it.

My brother used to hate crab. He rejects it BIG TIME. Just no matter how much u eat it in front of him devouring the taste of it, he won’t be tempted. I never stop asking him to try one whenever we r having crab for lunch. NEVER. And at last, at the age of around 15 or so, he decided to give it a try. Did he die of eating it? NO!! Yes, no is the answer. Did he liked it? Very much indeed. Did I mock him? Yes, haha..~ I said to him
“ tu la kau, dulu xnak sangat, skarang baru tau ketam ni best.. nah amik lagi” for the past 14 years of his life, he had missed it.. He had missed the chance of eating one of the tastiest foods God had created. But when I said that, did he stop taking the crab? No. He continues eating it. Because it tastes good. Are you going to throw away what is good because other people you tease you for it? No silly.

So you see, you can get back from just anything.

You can get back from anything, only IF you have still got the time. Because
time doesn’t wait.
My grandmother’s neighbour had passed away few days ago. And also a senior of mine had lost his father also few days ago.
And I wonder, are they satisfied with their life?
Did they have any regret?
Anything they wish they had done before God took them away?
Had they eaten enough crab?

Death does remind us that every wasted second, every wasted minute is borrowed time, and not grabbing it is such a waste, don’t you think?

Friday, March 27, 2009

food fiesta

Salam.. bcoz the label : kitchen frenzy has only one post in it, I've decided to post few pictures on what's going on in my kitchen lately..





Sunday, March 22, 2009

~Strawberry wif chocolate~

The weather's getting nicer by day. n i'm loving it!! now, everytime i get back from class, from outside the metro till the rinak in yugo zapadnaya, u can see strawberries being sell everywhere.. n it's so cheap.. n it's even nicer when u eat it with chocolate.. : )

n since winter is over (even so, still ada snow yg gatal2 nak turun), the fruits r getting slightly cheaper. yeay!! sangat suka makan buah.. macam kat rumah, there will always be cutted up fruits in the fridge.. not one type of fruit, but MANY of them.. abah memang suka beli buah.. tapi we will not eat it if it is not cut. ada skali tu rosak buah sebab xde org makan.. so, every sunday, abah potong buah banyak2 letak dlm peti ais.. peti ais pun penuh ngan buah. macam kat kedai buah.. tapi buah sedap.. sape x suke makan buah rugi.. hehe.. hilang satu nikmat dunia.. so, THANKS ABAH!!

cube bayangkan sebab buah je, saya bley jadi giler..
itu baru satu nikmat dunia..
sedangkan nikmat di dunia macam setitik air di lautan kalau nak banding ngan nikmat di syurga..
nanti kat syurga, nak makan buah banyak2 pun xpe, kan kan kan?
saya suke buah!!

cakap pasal makan, teringat lipid metabolism.. colloq biochemistry semalam.. masa first2 blaja, rasa cam ala kusutnye ada banyak sangat metabolic pathway ni.. fatty acid syn, cholesterol, ketone bodies.. kalau dah ad fatty acid tu cukup2 la.. sebok2 nak ada ketone bodies ni pehal lak.. tak cukup kusut dah ke.. kesian kat ketone bodies.. diorang pun makhluk allah jugak kan..cube bayangkan, masa starvation, phospholipid xley wat sebab xde glucose yg ley convert to phosphatidic acid, so camne nak pack TAG into VLDL.. when transporter cam VLDL xde, blood glucose pun x cukup, fuel mana lak nak pakai.. ketone bodies punye function lak la skarang.. paling x banyak songeh.. tak payah nak angkut ngan blood lipoproteins yang banyak sangat apoprotein nye.. dissolve dalam blood je.. baik sungguh ko ni yek ketone bodies.. scheme ko pun sket nye senang nak hafal.. banyak jasa ko kat aku.. macih KB..

fun subject biochem ni actually, tapi ramai yang mengeluh, me including. kadang2 rasa nape la nak kene hafal scheme2 yg amat la banyak.. x ley ke if nak faham je n kalau nak oral test kite terangkan la scheme tu jek.. nape nak suh hafal jugak2? ni baru satu subject.. banyak lagi subject len nak blaja.. tapi nasib baik avdeva x kusut2 macam saliva kan? hehe.. selingan je tu..

neway, setelah mengusutkan diri dengan fikiran tentang biochem walaupun banyak lagi bende yang boley difikirkan tetiba dalam majlis kat embassy smalam (Fiqh Perubatan by ustaz amin) saya dapat satu point yang saya sangt suke nak share..

Hukum mempelajari ilmu itu terbahagi kpd 4:
1. Ilmu fardhu ain
2. Ilmu fardhu kifayah
3. Ilmu farhu ain kifa'i
4. Ilmu harus

Ilmu fardhu ain wajib dipelajari semua - perkara yang membahaskan tentang rukun islam dan iman. Ilmu fardhu kifayah - macam yang kite semua faham, jika ada yang belajar, maka masayarakat lepas dari tanggungjawab mempelajarinya. Ilmu harus cam sihir, dipelajari tetapi x bley diamalkan.

But what is fardhu ain kifa'i??

It means menjadi wajib bagi orang yang berkecimpung di dalam bidang itu.. camne tu?
means saya dah masuk bidang medic.. so menjadi wajib ke atas saya untuk mempelajari ilmu yang termasuk di bawah ruang lingkup ilmu medic dengan bersungguh-sungguh. fardh ain bagi saya. tapi bagi orang2 yang blaja engineering, tak wajib la diorang nak blaja pasal tangan kaki kpale org, tapi wajib diorang mahirkan diri dalam bidang diorang.. bila sebut fardu ain maksudnye wajib, perkara wajib kalau tinggal, pe maksudnya? dosa.. ye pandai adik adik sekalian..

so lepas ni kalau saya rasa malas nak belaja saya kene fikir dosa kalau saya x blajar sungguh2.. bukan je mudharat pada markah colloq, tapi mudharat pada diri, dan silap2 bley bawak fitnah.. tak mau la kan..

cube fikir plak, ilmuan islam dulu, bukannya pakar dalam satu bidang jek, banyak bidang, ibnu sina pakar perubatan tuh, pakar falsafah jugak.. banyak lagi yang cam die.. paling kurang 7 ilmu fardhu ain kifa'i mereka.. kite? baru cakap biochem, baru cakap anat, mengeluh panjang berjela.. adoi~

so, nad, chaiyok!! study patho plak.. sok colloq patho... Doakan ek~

Sunday, March 15, 2009


doa ku sentiasa mengiringi setiap langkah kamu-kamu
jangan biarkan langkah-langkah itu mandul
saya sayang kamu-kamu semua
kamu nak tahu?
kamu-kamu semua beri semangat pada saya
saya sayang kamu..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Women's Day- Part 2 (End)- A lovely story

Salam.. Although women's day dah lepas.. But mission ari tu nak post article pasal women x tercapai.. Sampai ari ni baru dpt nak post something..

The story is shared by my roomate hanis.. It took place in a moscow trolley bus.. She was on the way from the embassy to evropii mall or more known to us as Kiev..

It was late in the evening and the bus was full with ppl.. And we had women's day programme since morning.. And since we entered Amazing Race, we've had enough running already.. Quite worn out actually… so she decided that if she get a seat on the bus she'll probably won't give it up to anyone ( any babushka included)..

At the next stop, entered an elderly couple.. The gentleman next to Hanis stood up to gave his seat.. The wife gestured to her husband to sit down.. But so did the husband.. The two resort not to sit down.. Being a 'nice girl' (i'm forced to write this.. Hehe.. Kidding.. Hanis memang baik kan).. Hanis eventually decided to stand up so that both of them could sit down.. The wife whispered to hanis thank you in a very2 low voice..

From where she stood Hanis could see that the couple actually communicate through sign language.. It was clear at that moment that the husband is actually a mute (org bisu).. Hanis watched them with much curiosity.. At every station the bus make a stop, the husband would ask his wife whether they had reached their destination.. The wife would patiently answer 'no' and explain to him that she will tell him if they have arrived at the right stop.. But at every station, he will kept asking.. But she will again patiently answer his question.. And without fail she did it with a smile on her face..

At last, when they had reach their destination the wife got up and ask Hanis whether she is going out at this station also.. But she did it in a very low voice that it seems like she was whispering.. It is as if she had decided it's better not to talk or talk in a very low voice because her husband can't talk.. So by doing that she would not hurt her husband and this way, she could understand his husband's feeling being a mute..

Sweet tak? The wife sanggup go thru thick n thin together with him.. ok, kte x tau b4 kawen mmg laki tu dah mute, or laki tu baru lost his voice bcoz of sakit ke.. x kisah la.. tapi the wife sabar je.. n it's women's day.. mesti la the wife nak special treatment ke.. like any other women on that day.. instead, die gembira by pleasing her husband..

Brape byk married couple yang sweet cam diorang.. Yg bley cakap pun banyak gaduh.. So is it better if we were mute?? To have that kind of patience takes a lot of years to built up i guess.. Don’t have to look so far pun, y don't we take a look at our relationship with our friends, brape byk yg sanggup go thru thuck n thin together? Brape byk yg sanggup tahan kerenah kawan? Kelemahan kawan? Saya sendiri selalu mengeluh sorg2.. kalau kawan susah, kadang2 saya fikir dlu.. nanti dah detik kedua baru saya teringat 'eh, dia tu kwn aku, kalau aku x tolong sape lagi nak tolong'.. kenapa x pada detik pertama i think of that..

Entah brape byk kawan saya kene sabar dgn perangai saya.. Thank you gurlz.. You gurlz never failed to cheer me up when i'm down..

Happy women's day!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Women's Day Special Part 1

On the 8th of March, Russia will be celebrating Women's Day.. so starting today, i'm going to find articles on Women for you to read.. and today's article is dedicated to all the mums in the world.. thank you for raising us up..

read on..

Seorang anak laki-laki kecil bertanya kepada ibunya,

“Mengapa engkau menangis?"

"Kerana aku seorang wanita", kata sang ibu kepadanya.

"Aku tidak mengerti", kata anak itu.

Ibunya hanya memeluknya dan berkata,

"Dan kau tak akan pernah mengerti" Kemudian anak laki-laki itu bertanya kepada ayahnya,

"Mengapa ibu suka menangis tanpa alasan?"

"Semua wanita menangis tanpa alasan", hanya itu yang dapat dikatakan oleh ayahnya.

Anak laki-laki kecil itu pun lalu membesar menjadi seorang laki-laki dewasa, tetap ingin tahu mengapa wanita suka menangis. Akhirnya ia mendapat petunjuk dari Tuhan, Antara bisikan yang didengarinya adalah:

1. "Ketika Aku menciptakan seorang wanita, ia diharuskan untuk menjadi seorang yang istimewa. Aku membuat bahunya cukup kuat untuk menopang dunia; namun, harus cukup lembut untuk memberikan kenyamanan "

2. "Aku memberikannya kekuatan dari dalam untuk mampu melahirkan anak dan menerima penolakan yang seringkali datang dari anak-anaknya "

3. "Aku memberinya kekerasan untuk membuatnya tetap tegar ketika orang-orang lain menyerah, dan mengasuh keluarganya dengan penderitaan dan kelelahan tanpa mengeluh "

4. "Aku memberinya kepekaan untuk mencintai anak-anaknya dalam setiap keadaan, bahkan ketika anaknya bersikap sangat menyakiti hatinya "

5. "Aku memberinya kekuatan untuk mendukung suaminya dalam kegagalannya dan melengkapi dengan tulang rusuk suaminya untuk melindungi hatinya "

6. "Aku memberinya kebijaksanaan untuk mengetahui bahawa seorang suami yang baik takkan pernah menyakiti isterinya, tetapi kadang menguji kekuatannya dan ketetapan hatinya untuk berada di sisi suaminya tanpa ragu "

7. "Dan akhirnya, Aku memberinya air mata untuk dititiskan. Ini adalah khusus miliknya untuk digunakan walaupun kadangkala dia tidak memerlukannya."

Tahukah kamu: Kecantikan seorang wanita bukanlah dari pakaian yang dikenakannya, susuk yang ia tampilkan, atau bagaimana ia menyisir rambutnya. Kecantikan seorang wanita harus dilihat dari matanya, karena itulah pintu hatinya – tempat dimana cinta itu ada."