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I Breastfed My Baby 6 Months


So alhamdulillah it has been 6 months since Yusuf came into our life. And he's been nothing but wonderful. A super easy baby. Not saying that 'Ayyan was hard. But personally i think experience has taught us what to expect and how to deal with it.
Today I want to share about my first 6 month journey in breastfeeding Yusuf. I once wrote down about breastfeeding 'Ayyan. So having troubleshoot all the problems I had when breastfeeding him, I apply what I learnt when breastfeeding Yusuf.
Preparation Before the baby arrives, make sure you have all the equipment ready. Breast pump, ebm bottles, deep freezer, nursing bras, storage bags, drying rack, sterilizer, silicone pump (will talk more about this later), a good pumping bag. You will never know how your delivery will turn up. Everyone hopes and pray for a smooth per vaginal delivery and a healthy baby. But who are we to decide if we end up having caesarean section, or baby end up in special care nursery / neonatal intens…
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Gratitude Journal #1 - How did I get so lucky?

I hate being oncall. No matter how calm it is, you just have to be ready with your phone at all time. And even though you can brag about having 6 hour of sleep, you know very well that the 6 hour consists of you waking up every half an hour looking at your phone just in case you missed a call.

Then the next uncool thing about being oncall is the postcall part - sleepyhead. Today, I took the kids a bit earlier from their babysitter and brought Yusuf for his 5 month vaccination. Then we head back home at 4pm.

I was yawning all the way home. Upon reaching home, I had a million list of things to do running in my head. Asar prayer. Evening breast pumping session. Washing + sterilizing ebm bottles. Folding up clothes. Packing bag for oncall again tomorrow, haih. Packing bag to go back to KL this weekend. Cook for dinner. Hand washing my tudung. Bathing the kids and putting them up in their pyjamas. Mr husband is going for his night shift in a few hours.... and the list goes on and on. And …

Down with fever

Since he was a baby, 'Ayyan would only get sick maybe once or twice a year. The first being when he was around 6-7 months old if I am not mistaken. And not once warded for being sick so far, alhamdulillah.

Last Sunday, he started vomiting from 5 am. He vomited 8-9 times the whole day, it was heartbreaking to watch. He refuses to eat in between and drinking minimally. Only at night he started eating some apples and bread. And it doesn't help much him being a picky eater. Then fever started to kick in at night.
The next day he woke up with high fever, cough and runny nose. He refuses to eat his meals and medicine most of the time. Giving him medications sounds like we were torturing him. His abi will hold him tightly, and i need to pinch his nose to make him open his mouth and gulp down his meds. 
Of course, throughout his 6 days of fever, he became extra clingy. Thank god we were at mama's house, so he was more clingy to Uyah than me. He hates me because I made him drink all t…

Assalamualaikum Yusuf Aydan :)

Assalamualaikum wrt.

Yusuf Aydan bin Mohd Nadzrul Shah.
Dah hampir dua bulan umur anak lelaki kedua abi dan ummi. Alhamdulillah setakat ni kedua-dua ummi dan baby sihat dan telah selamat lepas tempoh berpantang.
Ummi saja nak catatkan kisah kelahiran Yusuf di sini. Supaya ummi sentiasa ingat dan boleh baca semula bila-bila.
Merancang itu kerja kita, mengizinkan itu kerja Allah.
Yusuf Aydan datang memang dirancang. Abang ‘Ayyan dah nak hampir 2 tahun umurnya. Memang dah sesuai untuk tambah ahli keluarga. Pada masa yang sama abang ummi , Farris merancang nak kahwin bulan 7, 2017. Bila dah kerja jadi doktor ni, cuti susah sikit nak dapat. Nak ambil cuti banyak pulak tu, kenduri belah perempuan, kenduri belah lelaki. Jadi ummi plan supaya cuti bersalin 3 bulan tu jatuh pada bulan sekitar Julai 2017.

Bila ummi kira-kira, ummi kena conceive dalam bulan 8 atau 9 2016. Jadi dalam bulan 6 ummi dah bukak implanon. Ummi teringat pesan MO OnG ummi di UM dulu, kena ada satu normal period dulu before …

Puting bayi / pacifier - bagus atau tidak ?

* post ni panjang ye – warning awal-awal *
Pagi tadi semasa scroll di facebook, ada rakan share article keibubapaan bertajuk : Don’t Fight It, Just Give ‘Em The Damn Pacifier. It’ll Be Fine.
Semua orang akan, atau pernah merasai menjadi first time parent. Saya ingat lagi perasaan sebelum dan sejurus selepas mendapat bayi pertama. Rasa bimbang dan takut macam mana nak didik anak amanah Allah. Semua orang mahukan yang terbaik untuk anak masing-masing. Buku demi buku, artikel demi artikel ditulis untuk menjadi panduan ibu bapa mendidik / mengasuh anak.
Saya sendiri pernah menyimpan impian atau pernah berprinsip macam-macam tentang bagaimana hendak membesarkan anak. Kalau boleh tak nak ajar anak pakai puting, nak anak pandai mengenal huruf atau membaca atau mengaji seawal yang mungkin, tak nak expose anak pada gadget, anak mesti duduk dalam car seat sejak dari lahir dan macam-macam lagi. Kalau orang lain boleh buat, kenapa tidak kita.
But as time goes by, kita akan sedar yang iany…