Monday, November 11, 2013

10 million in 20 years

Salam wbt.

10 millions in 20 years.

Is it possible?

Yes I believe so.

But faith without action is nothing.

It is going to be a looong and winding road but I believe that it is all for a greater cause. Money is not everything. But everything needs money. Even doing da'wah needs money. To get to one place to another. Places for daurah. Food for mad'u. Buku-buku tarbiyah. And much more important, to build the ummah, to build our generation. All that need money. And I certainly do not want money to be the main reason holding me from doing da'wah. When you can control money in your hand, then it won't control your heart.


Yes it's going to take a lot of mujahadah. But that is the nature of life. You work for something to get something in return. Even going to Jannah takes a lot of mujahadah. 

I am envious of those who has started their road to financial freedom earlier but I believe patience is the key. Time is precious, but I am going to take one step at a time. Prioritize the priority. Grab as much as I can within the time that I have. And do as much as I can within my capabilities. I do not want to be juggling too much that I will drop everything smashing down on the floor. 

Whatever it is, it must start now. I may not be able to take 10 steps, but 1 step is better than nothing. And that first step would be to maintain a positive cashflow for this first few months by making sure my income > expenses. Because I do not have active assets that's pumping in money to my income, so reducing the expenses is the first step to do. My income right now will be solely my salary as a doctor. Eh, nafkah dari suami kira income tak? If yes, then I already have multiple source of income. Eheh :) 

To come to think of it, I am grateful that I have a financially literate father. Because due to him, by the time I graduated from medical school I already have some gold portfolios, unit trust and deposit to pay for a new car. And together with that, still large savings in the bank. Alhamdulillah, I think that is enough for me to start. 

So, In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, Most Merciful I begin my journey towards financial freedom and may Allah keep my intentions true till the end of it.