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Gratitude Journal #1 - How did I get so lucky?

I hate being oncall. No matter how calm it is, you just have to be ready with your phone at all time. And even though you can brag about having 6 hour of sleep, you know very well that the 6 hour consists of you waking up every half an hour looking at your phone just in case you missed a call.

Then the next uncool thing about being oncall is the postcall part - sleepyhead. Today, I took the kids a bit earlier from their babysitter and brought Yusuf for his 5 month vaccination. Then we head back home at 4pm.

I was yawning all the way home. Upon reaching home, I had a million list of things to do running in my head. Asar prayer. Evening breast pumping session. Washing + sterilizing ebm bottles. Folding up clothes. Packing bag for oncall again tomorrow, haih. Packing bag to go back to KL this weekend. Cook for dinner. Hand washing my tudung. Bathing the kids and putting them up in their pyjamas. Mr husband is going for his night shift in a few hours.... and the list goes on and on. And …