Friday, December 25, 2015

My one year 3 month old


My baby is away with abi and the in-laws for a short holiday. I did not follow as it was a last minute plan and current posting requires waaayyyy earlier notice for any leave.

So, yup this is me in my "missing 'Ayyan mode" ( and abi...hehe )

My soleh boy is one year 3 month old now. From day to day I had wanted to pen down his development and achievement, but being a mother and a houseman doesn't allow me such free time to do so. This is the first time ever that I am at home and he and his abi is not. 

1. Big eater
Almost every child's first word is mama or papa or abah. But not for 'ayyan. His first word were "nak". (Well ummi and abi is pretty hard for a first word). Whenever he sees food, he would point it out to us, and say "nak". He is not choosy when it comes to food. Well he is still young to be choosy. Haha. But I am so thankful that he eats what we adult eat. That started after he reaches 1 yrs old. He doesn't want the porridge I made him. All he wants is what we eat. So yeay to me for not having to cook extra meals for him!

2. Explorer.
'Ayyan took his first step weeks before entering 1 yrs old. And he started walking at the age of 1 yr 2 weeks old. But he is not a big fan of the stairs though, thankfully. I was always afraid that he reject sitting in the stroller after getting his 'feet'. But my soleh boy is still sitting obediently in his stroller/trolley cart whenever we go for a long day in the mall/grocery store.

3. Likes to bathe
He is not afraid of water and he likes to be showered often. His babysitter bathes him up to 4 times/day sometimes. Whenever he poops, she will bathe him. So I think that is why 'Ayyan loves bathing so much. Whenever one of us enters the toilet, he will quickly come and start to pull his shirt up, and start to lift his hands up in the air, signalling us to put off his shirt. And when we do, he will giggle :)

4. The signature rambut pacak
Since the beginning, 'Ayyan's hair has been pacak. Doesn't matter what we do to it, cut it short, it will grow pacak again. Smear it with oil, it will tahan for a few minutes-hour before it goes pacak again. I am not sure how many times I've been stopped at the shopping mall as people mistaken him for lara alana si pacak, all because they have similar pacak hair. And so many times people had asked if they can touch 'Ayyan's hair. Haha. And every time they will be surprised that 'Ayyan's hair is indeed very soft. They were expecting it to be hard as it is so pacak.


Lara alana is on the left, and 'Ayyan is on the right. 

5. Loves his car seat
One of my biggest concern was 'Ayyan not sitting in his car seat. When I wanted to buy him a car seat before he was born, I made some readings. Malaysia has not made car seat a compulsory, so I have heard people telling me that buying a car seat is not worth it. But to me, safety comes first. The are a lot of tips on how to train your child to continuously sit in a car seat. But I am sure child to child differs and some tips might not work on a particular child. So all I can do is try and hope for the best. Alhamdulillah 'Ayyan can sit in his car seat without throwing tantrums, and he will quietly look out the window and entertain himself throughout a journey. He will only scream when the car stops for traffic light. When the car moves again, he will keep quiet again. And another thing is, he doesn't need company at the back with him. I can sit in front at the passenger seat beside his abi. 

Okay, that's it for this time. Wish me all the best in compiling his picture from his first year of life into a photobook. It's a tough task, I assure you :)