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Productivity (ep.6-Schedule focus sessions)

Salam wbt.
Now that you have listed all your MITs, it's time to decide WHEN to execute them.
When we have so many things to do, 24 hours seems to be not enough. And we often say how we wish there's more than 24 hours in a day.
Ironically even if we were given a thousand hours in a day, we find ourselves not doing things that we were suppose to do.
Some tried to write down a daily schedule, fitting everything into every hours of the day. what to do at 8 am, what to do at 9.30 am, etc. and by doing that we tend to feel suffocated by just trying to follow those schedule.
A simple thing to do is actually by understanding your daily cycle, and choosing the best time for your FOCUS SESSION.
What is focus session?
It is the time where you can complete your MITs.
Ideally, focus session should be early in the morning or late in the evening.
According to a hadith by the Prophet SAW, which i cannot remember the exact wording of it right now. Anyways, it's telling us that the work we d…

Productivity (ep.5-Identify MIT)

Salam wbt.
Sudah berjaya mengosongkan or menyusun segala keserabutan dalam otak?
Ok, now let's move on to the next step > IDENTIFY MITs
err, bukan MIB tau..
hah, tak tau MIB tu ape yek.. hmm, tak payah tau pun takpe..
MITs = Most Important Tasks
Setiap hari cuba kenal pasti perkara/tugasan yang paling penting untuk disiapkan.
Rule 1 : perkara itu mestilah penting, tetapi bukan urgent.
pelik kan? dulu-dulu selalu orang bagi tips, kategorikan semua to do list kepada 4  - important n urgent - important but not urgent - urgent but not important - not urgent n not important
and of course, kita akan tend untuk siapkan yang important n urgent.
So sekarang, lain pulak. kita try listkan yang PENTING tapi TAK URGENT.
Rule 2 : perkara itu mestilah memberi kesan jangka panjang kepada kita.
mesti macam kabur-kabur, tak berapa nak faham kan?
takpe, tenang-tenang,jom kita buat contoh sikit. senyum :)
menghafal al-quran
penting tak? penting. tick satu urgent tak? tak urgent. aikk? ye lah, bukan kena jadi hafiz or …