Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Productivity (ep.6-Schedule focus sessions)

Salam wbt.

Now that you have listed all your MITs, it's time to decide WHEN to execute them.

When we have so many things to do, 24 hours seems to be not enough. And we often say how we wish there's more than 24 hours in a day.

Ironically even if we were given a thousand hours in a day, we find ourselves not doing things that we were suppose to do.

Some tried to write down a daily schedule, fitting everything into every hours of the day. what to do at 8 am, what to do at 9.30 am, etc. and by doing that we tend to feel suffocated by just trying to follow those schedule.

A simple thing to do is actually by understanding your daily cycle, and choosing the best time for your FOCUS SESSION.

What is focus session?

It is the time where you can complete your MITs.

Ideally, focus session should be early in the morning or late in the evening.

According to a hadith by the Prophet SAW, which i cannot remember the exact wording of it right now. Anyways, it's telling us that the work we do early in the morning is accompanied by abundance of blessings, in comparing to those we do in the evening.

You'll actually surprise yourself at how many things you can achieve in just few hours..

Your focus session doesn't have to be long.. a mere 2-3 hours is sufficient to get all your MITs done for the day.

so how do we know what is the best time for our focus session?
it's that time of the day where you are most energetic and less distracted.

for me, it's usually in the morning where everyone is busy doing their own routine. so everyone is still in their own little space. and thus less distraction. and also around 5-6pm ish. where everyone is too tired to be talking or just tired to do anything per se. so that's the time where i can get most of my MITs done.

so when your focus hour comes along, take out your MITs that you have listed down, choose one for a start and begin doing it. now, make sure you take a break after 25-30 minutes. because as time goes along, you'll get tired and thus focus less. take a 5 minute break. make a cup of hot drink, open the window and take a fresh breathe of air, bring a cup of drink to your friend, pray 2 rakaats. whatever it is you can do in 5 minutes. but make sure not to open your gadgets, or facebook or twitter. or else, you'll get stuck at it for more than 5 minutes. after that 5 minutes, get back into your focus zone and complete your task.

check out this technique > Pomodoro

apps is available on pc, mac, androids n iphone.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Productivity (ep.5-Identify MIT)

Salam wbt.

Sudah berjaya mengosongkan or menyusun segala keserabutan dalam otak?

Ok, now let's move on to the next step > IDENTIFY MITs

err, bukan MIB tau..

hah, tak tau MIB tu ape yek.. hmm, tak payah tau pun takpe..

MITs = Most Important Tasks

Setiap hari cuba kenal pasti perkara/tugasan yang paling penting untuk disiapkan.

Rule 1 : perkara itu mestilah penting, tetapi bukan urgent.

pelik kan?
dulu-dulu selalu orang bagi tips, kategorikan semua to do list kepada 4 
- important n urgent
- important but not urgent
- urgent but not important
- not urgent n not important

and of course, kita akan tend untuk siapkan yang important n urgent.

So sekarang, lain pulak. kita try listkan yang PENTING tapi TAK URGENT.

Rule 2 : perkara itu mestilah memberi kesan jangka panjang kepada kita.

mesti macam kabur-kabur, tak berapa nak faham kan?

takpe, tenang-tenang,jom kita buat contoh sikit. senyum :)

menghafal al-quran

penting tak? penting. tick satu
urgent tak? tak urgent. aikk? ye lah, bukan kena jadi hafiz or hafizah esok kan? so tak urgent lah tu. mungkin target kita lagi 5 tahun nak hafaz quran. jadi tak urgent lah tu kan?
so tick lagi satu.

then beri kesan jangka panjang tak? of course. sampai ke akhirat gituh. so tick lagi satu.

so now, kita dah ada satu perkara yang masuk ke dalam list of MITs. *tangan ke langit, melompat-lompat kegembiraan*

pernah perasan tak, kalau sebelum ni hafaz quran tu tak pernah masuk pun agak-agaknya dalam to do list kita.(kalau ada, bagus, alhamdulillah). yang masuk semua yang remeh-remeh macam beli barang la, siapkan homework la, semua berbunyi-bunyi urgent je. sebab tu sampai sekarang tertatih-tatih lagi dalam hafazan. sobs :'(

err, selain hafaz quran, apa lagi??
ini pun saya ambil tips daripada productive muslim. listkan 4 MIT je setiap hari. 
1 for ISLAM (eg : hafazan, baca buku tarbiyah )
1 for PERSONAL (eg : belajar soft skills baru)
1 for STUDY/WORK (eg : CPG, OHCM)
1 for FAMILY (eg : mengaji adik)

jadi setiap hari semua aspek dalam hidup kita, kita sentuh. baru seimbang dunia akhirat. no, i don't want to be orang yang menghadap quran 24/7, tapi hak family tak tertunai. and no, saya tak nak menghadap quran 24/7, tapi menjadi fitnah apabila gagal dalam study. 

motivasi super cool

tak rasa cool ke bila baca sirah Rasulullah SAW, kita akan jumpa nabi beribadah, tapi kita jumpa juga nabi berniaga, kita jumpa juga nabi berlari-lari dengan aisyah (oh so sweeettt), kita jumpa nabi memujuk fatimah, kita jumpa nabi angkat barang mak cik yahudi, kita jumpa nabi pimpin negara.. 
pandang diri sendiri, apa aderrr??
jadi kalau Rasulullah SAW tu idola kita, mesti kenaaaaa sangat2 try untuk jadi macam dia, yes, no?

sobs :'(

selamat menge'list' MIT masing-masing~